Tuesday, 27 June 2017

HP & other upgrades @ M0HDF

It has been a while... the available time to the hobby has been spent on on projects and contests and I have not had that much time to update the blog. Here is a brief summary on how I have been up to...

Shack upgrades to High Power
Acom 1000  
Nested dipoles for 40 and 20m
   - DXWire UL & insulators
   - 12turns of RG316 on FT140-43 [choke balun]
   - aircell 5 - vertical section
   - M&P ultraflex 7 - main run from shack to the garden
   -  Spiderbeam 12m HD fiberglass guy belt and clamp set [mast up now permanently]

shack - June 2017

shack RF management [grounding and bonding]
    - Aluminium bonding plate bolted underneath my desk
    - GM3SEK mains choke & TX chokes [shack entry]
I took some time to study the materials from the RSGB, N0AX, GM3SEK, K9YC, G3TXQ, W8JI and spent a bit on the proper ferrites and ground straps,...  This has worked pretty well and clean up my RX. I don't see any RF around either which is great.

400W light-weight dipole choke balun

CQ WPX CW 2017
SOSB[A] 40m HP
37 M8A............728,292 (M0HDF) WORLD - raw scores
10hrs of good fun and plenty of DX for a low wire dipole

RSGB Field date 2017
I had the pleasure to join The Monfort University ARS and their entry on 2017 NFD cw - M2A/P.
An absolute blast and fine group of people.

Hooked up now to my TS590S a panadapter using the crystal radio group mod.

Joined the folks from EA2 for their annual gathering and field day. It was great to meet old friends and new ones. Fine weather, qsos and a great luncheon in EA2 Navarra. Many Thanks to Ignacio EA2BD for all the arrangements and help.

Hopper of next projects
- broadband active RX loop
- 80m loaded dipole
- Raspberry PI / Arduino  .. got some of the bits at home already
- skimmer

73 Angel

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