Wednesday, 8 February 2017


The ionosphere was kind yesterday and delivered 2 new DXCCs on 20m band.

I got home before sunset and the Italian expedition to Central African Republic was booming here.
After 15min of calling, I managed to the get through with my 100W and doublet around 5 UP.

A bit later I also heard - on the noise -Patrice TY2BP in Benin and as the signal raised a bit, I was able to make the QSO.

I noticed over the last couple of dates that switching off the AGC gives a better SNR - cleaner and easier to copy weak signals. I wound down the RF gain a bit and keep the vol to min or close to min - the Yamaha CM500 I use produce plenty of volume.
I am not sure about the NR2, the audio seems too warble.
My QTH here in the city is very noisy.

73 Angel

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