Tuesday, 13 September 2016

K9AY RX loop - low band

I built one of these last weekend and is now up an running in the back garden - beaming East towards EU.

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Listening on 160m WSPR, and comparing to other G stations, it seems to be doing a great job - despite my urban noisy location.
Noise meter on a quiet band is around S4 with at 2.4KHz bandwith [preamp off, att off]
Certainly I heard stations on 160m & 80m much clearer than on the inv V dipole.

I used an auto-transformer 9:1 that I have around - betterqrp kit, but it is probably not suitable for MF and not isolated. I put a choke balun at the radio end and built a air-core choke balun with 30 turns of RG58 on a 80mm core at the antenna end. I need though to get a 3 BN73-202 to replicate the isolated 9:1 transformer suggested by W8JI or N1EU.

I can switch manually directions and I saw a ON stations dropping from S8 to S2 on 80m over the weekend.

73 Angel

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