Tuesday, 13 September 2016

K9AY RX loop - low band

I built one of these last weekend and is now up an running in the back garden - beaming East towards EU.

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Listening on 160m WSPR, and comparing to other G stations, it seems to be doing a great job - despite my urban noisy location.
Noise meter on a quiet band is around S4 with at 2.4KHz bandwith [preamp off, att off]
Certainly I heard stations on 160m & 80m much clearer than on the inv V dipole.

I used an auto-transformer 9:1 that I have around - betterqrp kit, but it is probably not suitable for MF and not isolated. I put a choke balun at the radio end and built a air-core choke balun with 30 turns of RG58 on a 80mm core at the antenna end. I need though to get a 3 BN73-202 to replicate the isolated 9:1 transformer suggested by W8JI or N1EU.

I can switch manually directions and I saw a ON stations dropping from S8 to S2 on 80m over the weekend.

73 Angel

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Brunei from EA/

I went back to EA for the final week of summer holidays. On Sat 28th, we visited some friends at their Cottage [Mas] near Vistabella del Maestrazgo. The place is very isolated - 30min of gravel roads through the mountains and at 950m a.s.l. as well as a very quiet noise location. 
A bit of looking into google earth, terrain sw, and HFTA showed that East was my best change to work some DX as the path to NA, Caribbean, and SA is well blocked by higher mountains.


confy QTH & gear 

I worked a few stations on the YO contest in the morning as well as chased 9 SOTA stations in EU. Around 17:00z I heard HS and V8 coming loud and clear on my inv V dipole @ 5.5m above the ground and after the EU KW and yagis, I worked V85TL for a new DXCC - I logged him on 20m cw with the FT817 + 50W PA [11700km] @ 70deg azimuth.
The local ground drops towards the east giving a good 6-8dB enhancement at approx 10deg elevation.

SFI= 85

Dipole broadside looking East