Friday, 5 August 2016

/P from Torre de la Corda - WCA EA-01561

I operated /P on the evening of Aug 3rd. Not the best conditions with a G1 storm and K=5. Turning the dial proved a much quieter level of activity than the previous day when I operated from the beach in El Grao de Castellon. A very warm evening and mosquitos forced an early retirement.

WCA EA-01561 Torre de La Corda, locator: JN00bb

14MHz inv V dipole on 7m pole.
I looked at the terrain in advance with Google Earth and HeyWhatsthat and decided to operate with a dipole antenna rather than the vertical as I did not have access to the beach or could locate the antenna close to the water. The antenna was about 20m off the cliff and 10-15m above the sea level - facing NE for Europe contacts.

Oropesa del Mar

/P gear - Yaesu FT-817ND, Tokyo Hypower HL-50B 
Batteries: SLAB 7Ah & LIFEPO 4.2Ah. radio enclosure design cortesy of Ignacio EA2BD

73 Angel 

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