Tuesday, 26 July 2016

VK7 & ZL2 from Castell de Montgri at dawn

I hiked to Castell de Montgri with the radio gear and accompanied by our nephews and some friends early this morning for some sunrise pics and a bit of radio.

Castell de Montgri
Castell del Montgri WCA EA-06968 / CGI-339
locator: JN12nb, coordinates: 42.051816, 3.13178  315m a.s.l.

10Mhz inv V dipole
The 30m dipole went up and I started calling CQ at 5.25z whilst I was putting the WCA reference in the cluster. First DX call via long path was VK7CW in Tasmania with a 579.  There is a great take off towards the west from the castle entrance. A bit later I logged ZL2AP [264deg LP bearing] and VK7BC [280deg LP]. 

/P gear 

73 Angel
EA/M0HDF/P [from EA3 land]


  1. Hello Angel, great to read about the DX QSO's. I could find the castell on the map. EA3 nr Gerona. Excellent. 73, Bert

    1. Hi Bert. The castle is next to Torroella del Montgri. locator: JN12nb.
      73 Angel