Thursday, 14 July 2016

Low band RX antennas... next project

Been thinking about my next project for a while. The last CQ WPX CW SOSB 40m suited me and the effort was more competitive than previous given the antenna space constrains / garden orientation and local QRN.

Improving the RX performance seem a logical next step...

Plenty of good info about low band RX antennas [presentation and videos] in the Contest Uni web

A couple of simple antennas to build and experiment:
  -BOG - beverage on the ground - 
  -small RX loop

The small loop should significantly null the local VDSL noise in the street [overhead cables]

Given the proximity of the TX - I am planning to build an additional isolation relay box for the RX antenna. I do not want to risk damaging the TS-590S receiver.

or the G3BJ 

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