Monday, 4 April 2016

Juan de Nova in the log - ATNO

I visited my friend and experienced DXer Chris on Sunday to "have a shot" at FT4JA with his beam at 17m above the ground and legal power [400W here].

The propagation on Friday and Sat was great - they were coming pretty well on my 40m band vertical buried in the garden.  But on Sunday what a difference... K=3 and a solar storm meant low signals up here [52deg N latitude].
At 10z FT4JA signals on 15m were peaking S4 with the high gain preamp and lots of QSB, 17&12m were not better. I could hear a lot Southern-Eastern EU /  AS / JA / SA stations getting in the log but no G stations or very few northern EU.
The cluster was showing no DX to EU, apart than a very weak 4S that I managed to bag for another ATNO by beaming 60 deg N/NE. No signs of VK0EK at all.

IC-756 PROIII - FT4JA split - 7up

After a round of unsuccessful calls we decided to measure the line impedance of his aerials with my antenna analyser as planned. When I got back to it the signals had improve to S7 / S8. Around 12z I heard the first G station getting through the wide pile up and a few calls later I was on the log. Great operator on the other end - pace and precision. I was relieved and pleased to have worked them.
Great ham spirit from Chris to allow me to work from his DXer station.

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