Sunday, 6 March 2016

/P gear testing: MTR v2 sensitivity upgrades & others

With the encouragement and support of Colin M1BUU I decided to do the MTR v2 tribander [original kit] sensitivity upgrades. These are well described in VK3IL blog and the ATSprint Yahoo Group.

Following Colin's advice I ended up changing R6 resistor to 470k and 
17, 20m BPF inductors to 4.8uH
30m BPF inductors to 8.2uH

If you go for this, be careful you do not burn the top of the switches or damage anything. I did not implement the 1uF audio amplifier mod as the it requires an in line volume control as the signals can get very loud. 

After the modification I peaked the BPF by ear with the help of a signal generator and a step attenuator. 

M0HDF - MTR v2 tribander PCB
With an OK Sunday morning WX forecast, I visited our local SOTA summit - G/CE-002 to put it to test. It has been a while since I used the MTR last time, but subjectively the receiver was more lively on 20 & 17m - which before I found a bit deaf. 

30m was lively and worked 18 chasers in 10 minutes with a good pile up. It was great to work my friend Guru EA2IF in Pamplona and Ian MM0GYX in Inverness, with whom I recently had a chat over the phone about our G11 SDR and other radio common interests (SDR, HF CW contest and SOTA).

M0HDF - Homebrew 40-30-20-17m EFHW & Mountain Tuner @ 6m pole

On 17m, I did not get that many responses to my CQ. I tuned around and found Alf IT9MUO with some power and speed. I recorded the QSO on my phone.

Summary: 29 QSOs, 1S2S HB9CBR/P @ HB/JU-003, Best DX: EA8/PA7ZEE and great fun to be on the air again with the MTR tribander.

30m: 18 Qs
20m: 8 Qs
17m: 3 Qs

73 Angel M0HDF/P

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