Sunday, 27 March 2016

2 new CQ Zones in the log

This evening around 18.20z I tuned around what it seemed a dead 15m band..
Dale CE2AWW was CQing without much demand, after a few repeats I was happy to log CQ Zone 12. He was a S3-S5 with a 17m band vertical - 2 elevated radials, feedpoint @ 4m and  RT-100 remote tuner. That path is difficult from my garden as it is blocked by some nearby tall houses.

The Friday before the Russian DX Contest, I worked Phinyo HS6ZBQ - CQ Zone 26 - on the 20m band at around 17.00z. This zone has proven elusive from this QTH.

That leaves 4 CQ zones still to "break"... 1, 2, 6, 31

FT4JA on route...=  5R/F5UFX/MM
I worked this crew on 17m this afternoon... not too many callers, as I made it through on the 3rd call with the vertical & 100W.

 5R/F5UFX/MM ... @ Grid Square LH14

Sunday, 20 March 2016

RDX Contest 2016


Great contest. So many loud stations and great operators. A 10hr effort with the Inv V doublet @ 11m - mostly S&P. Sat afternoon brought fast and deep QSB with stations "just disapperaring" and 40m around the grey line was absolutely packed - wall to wall - it was challenging to get heard or found a place to CQ within the 40Khz band map. My best 10min rate was 84Qs/hr.
I fell short of the 500 QSOs target but I overall I am happy to have past 500k points.
I tried to raise VR & 9V and few others far east, but did not manage to get any new DXCCs that far east with this antenna.

 Band     QSOs     Pts   DXC  OBL
     3.5         51      199      33        5
        7       124      598      43      20
      14       129      736      38      31
      21       107      909      17      41
 Total        411    2442    131      97
Score: 556,776
1 Mult = 1.8 Q's

Overall - 58 DXCCs worked.

SO CW LP scores

M0HDF - RDX 2016 QSO map

M0HDF - RDX 2016 QSO/hr

Sunday, 13 March 2016

BERU 2016 CW Contest

SOA LP 12hr

I dabbled in during the weekend as and when I had some time. I found the conditions tough as reported in the UK HF contest reflector, but there was some new DX to be worked.

I started on Saturday at 13:50z. The second QSO logged and first new DXCC was 9J2BO on 15m. The doublet is working well the N/S paths. I jumped between 15 & 20m working what I heard, mostly VEs. I was glad to work the central and western areas - with the furthest to VA7ST in BC. VE5MX had a good signal here on Sat      

A short excursion to 10m delivered ET7L at the 3rd call and a few minutes later I worked ZL/ZS9HI/MM easily on the 15m band - on their trip to VK0EK - Heard Island DXpedition.

A bit later I worked 9M6XROV51YJ & ZS1EL as well as some VKs on 20/40m. After dark I found J79XF VP9/G3VYI 

I checked 40m at 23:00z and was pretty quiet so I went to bed. Sunday morning did not deliver much but I was pleased to work 3 ZLs in the last 30 minutes.

Missed: A2 was not heard and 5X only came our of the noise a few times here with my antenna. 9V had a good signal but I could not get through. I also missed VU & J3

4OC9M6East Malaysia14.29M6
7NAVECanada1145.8CJ3 VA2 VA3 VA7 VE2 VE3 VE5 VE6 VE9 VO1 VY2
8OCVKAustralia28.3VK2 VK6
10OCZLNew Zealand312.5ZL0 ZL3 ZL4
11AFZSSouth Africa14.2ZS1

 Band QSOs     Pts   Cty   Sec
     7      13       325   12     1
    14     28       620   24     0
    21       6       150     6     0
    28       1         25     1     0
 Total    48     1120   43     1
Score: 1,120

Equipment: Fixed Inv V doublet @ 11m, TS-590S, N1MM+

PrefixEntityMost-wanted RankFirst Worked
ZLNEW ZEALAND#2942016-03-13
9M6EAST MALAYSIA#2102016-03-12
Overall, I was very pleased to have raised 6 new DXCCs over the weekend from this QTH.

M0HDF BERU 2016 QSO map

73 Angel M0HDF

Sunday, 6 March 2016

/P gear testing: MTR v2 sensitivity upgrades & others

With the encouragement and support of Colin M1BUU I decided to do the MTR v2 tribander [original kit] sensitivity upgrades. These are well described in VK3IL blog and the ATSprint Yahoo Group.

Following Colin's advice I ended up changing R6 resistor to 470k and 
17, 20m BPF inductors to 4.8uH
30m BPF inductors to 8.2uH

If you go for this, be careful you do not burn the top of the switches or damage anything. I did not implement the 1uF audio amplifier mod as the it requires an in line volume control as the signals can get very loud. 

After the modification I peaked the BPF by ear with the help of a signal generator and a step attenuator. 

M0HDF - MTR v2 tribander PCB
With an OK Sunday morning WX forecast, I visited our local SOTA summit - G/CE-002 to put it to test. It has been a while since I used the MTR last time, but subjectively the receiver was more lively on 20 & 17m - which before I found a bit deaf. 

30m was lively and worked 18 chasers in 10 minutes with a good pile up. It was great to work my friend Guru EA2IF in Pamplona and Ian MM0GYX in Inverness, with whom I recently had a chat over the phone about our G11 SDR and other radio common interests (SDR, HF CW contest and SOTA).

M0HDF - Homebrew 40-30-20-17m EFHW & Mountain Tuner @ 6m pole

On 17m, I did not get that many responses to my CQ. I tuned around and found Alf IT9MUO with some power and speed. I recorded the QSO on my phone.

Summary: 29 QSOs, 1S2S HB9CBR/P @ HB/JU-003, Best DX: EA8/PA7ZEE and great fun to be on the air again with the MTR tribander.

30m: 18 Qs
20m: 8 Qs
17m: 3 Qs

73 Angel M0HDF/P

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Antarctica in the log


20m CW - 100W

I saw them on the cluster last Friday afternoon. I have listened out for them a few times as this was the last Continent I was missing, but they were always weak on my wire antenna or with a significant pile up. I was not able to hear them during the late afternoon but I checked back at around 18.30z when it was dark and there they were 579 peaking 599 calling CQ lonely. First call on the doublet, they went back straight to me.

Antarctica Novo Runway Airbase

It was nice to receive the LOTW a few hours later.

LOTW confirmation

I am still missing CQ zones: 1,2,6, 12, 26, 31.