Monday, 29 February 2016

UBA DX CW 2016


My best effort so far from my home QTH with more than 400Qs in about 9hrs of operation in low power category. I managed to held a consistent 45Qs/hr average rate. Best hour rate was 57Qs/hr. Lots of S&P jumping across 40,20 & 15m. The "new" TS-590S has great "ears".
I had to shut down on Sat night at 10pm leaving good points behind. The 80m band was in a good condition.

Antenna: Fixed 16.5m Inv-V doublet at 11m on a Spiderbeam HD fiberglass mast. LDG RT-100 remote tuner - 200W 1:1 G-whip choke balun.

   Band  QSOs     Pts   PFX   Pro
     3.5         62     241     26      8
       7        149     447     31      8
      14       149     314     21      1
      21         48       74      7       0
   Total      408   1076    85    17
   Score: 109,752
   1 Mult = 4.0 Q's

QSO map - M0HDF UBA DX CW 2016

DXCC list


  1. Hello Angel, excellent. You made a lot of QSO's. Your antennas doing fine.
    I am restricted to indoor ant's, since my inverted Vee is damaged by the wind. But still having fun. hi. 73, Bert

    1. Hi Bert. I am pleased with the doublet. Despite the orientation not being the best, it is doing a good job around EU and the noise is much lower than on my previous G7FEK vertical here in the city. I am planning to publish soon some of the simulation work and measurements I did on the doublet / open wire line looking at impedances at the tuner and system efficiency.

      Any plans to fix your inv V?

      73 Angel

    2. Hello Angel, I will fix my inverted Vee later. But for now, I have a drive to experiment with the cylinder dipole(s). I discovered that I had to use the 28 MHz setting of the tuner, to work on 14 MHz with the cylinder dipole. hi It works. WOW 5200 km at two enegry cans and a coil. LOL. 73, Bert