Monday, 29 February 2016

UBA DX CW 2016


My best effort so far from my home QTH with more than 400Qs in about 9hrs of operation in low power category. I managed to held a consistent 45Qs/hr average rate. Best hour rate was 57Qs/hr. Lots of S&P jumping across 40,20 & 15m. The "new" TS-590S has great "ears".
I had to shut down on Sat night at 10pm leaving good points behind. The 80m band was in a good condition.

Antenna: Fixed 16.5m Inv-V doublet at 11m on a Spiderbeam HD fiberglass mast. LDG RT-100 remote tuner - 200W 1:1 G-whip choke balun.

   Band  QSOs     Pts   PFX   Pro
     3.5         62     241     26      8
       7        149     447     31      8
      14       149     314     21      1
      21         48       74      7       0
   Total      408   1076    85    17
   Score: 109,752
   1 Mult = 4.0 Q's

QSO map - M0HDF UBA DX CW 2016

DXCC list

Monday, 22 February 2016


A low power perspective…

I thought about repeating  SOA LP SB15 category I used on the CQ CW, but due to commitments over the weekend I was going to miss the best timing for that and decided to stick to the  Inv-V doublet at 11m that I have used in the last EU contests.

Like others, I dipped in and out around commitments. On Saturday mid-morning I went to collect a TS-590S from a friend who last year changed to an IC-7600. After the customary checks and getting some familiarisation on the key functions I headed back home for a late lunch and getting started.

Kenwood TS-590S

I quickly built a jumper DC lead to connect the PS, installed the Kenwood drivers and after I changed the USB baudrate settings in the TS-590S - N1MM+ was talking to the TS590S.
The glass fibre 12m Spiderbeam mast and the 16.5m doublet (335deg N/NW broadside) went up and 

16.5m doublet - 600ohm open wire line
I was finally in business. I logged the 1st QSO at 17.30z on 15m. The band was in a slightly better shape than expected and S&Ped 25 multipliers until the band died. From 18.30z I worked through 20m until 21:00 when things got quieter.  I took a break for dinner and sort out some of the home family stuff and got back on the chair at 22:50z. On 40m as expected – I was not heard as well due to the higher angles with the low dipole but slowly worked my way through a fetched 18 multipliers. Around 00.30z Sun am things slow down and I was going to go to bed, I decided to try 80m. To my surprise I picked up 9 multipliers with such an inefficient setup (it was a struggle). Sun pm I worked from 12.30 to 14:00pm and 18:30 to 19:00 – and found overall to 20m to be in better shape than 15m. Nothing at all on 10m.
Overall operating time 6-7hrs. Most Northern path worked - VE6BBP in AB (319deg).

Band     QSOs     Pts  Sec
   3.5      10      30    9
     7      40     120   18
    14     113     339   35
    21      52     156   27
 Total     215     645   89
Score: 57,405
1 Mult = 2.4 Q's

I was more than pleased with the TS-590S – great in RX; it is a keeper. Improvements in mind: a rotary light dipole/s on a 10m Al pole will give directivity on 20-15-10m.

Doublet centre

Spiderbeam 12m HD glassfiber 

73 Angel M0HDF