Monday, 18 January 2016

5 SOTA Activations in EA5 Castellon @ XMAS

During our Christmas visit back to EA5 Castellon, I was lucky to activate 5 new summits. 
The weather was outstanding and very warm for the time of the year: 13C, sunny and no wind whatsoever, which made operating from the summits a real joy.

Equipment: FT-817ND powered by a 4.2Ah 4S LIFEPO and resonant dipoles for 20 & 10m on a 7m pole. Also on 3 of the summits we used a 50W lineal amplifier - Tokyo Hypower HL-50B -for the first time which increased the number of chasers worked and about 3Kg of additional weigh to carry with the 7Ah SLAB.

22/12/2015 EA5/CS-001 Penyagolosa 1815m
Views from Penyagolosa
My favourite summit in the province - there is something special about this place. I have been up there 3-4 times before but never activated it wih the radio. We started quite late and I decided to go ahead of the rest of the group to gain some time. I hiked the 600m elevation & 5.5km with all the gear in 1hr and 10min which felt quite exhausting. I settled on the Northeast side, sheltered from the wind and with a magnificent take off due to the terrain falling down quickly. I self spotted myself using on cw using "Spot my Sota" android app - the pile up was huge - I went to split as the 817ND receiver went to mash...As the chasers dried out, I passed the mic to Eva to operate on SSB - where she also had a pretty good run.
Running out of the time - we decided to give 10m a miss...

24/12/2015 EA5/CS-007 Mola d'Ares 1321m
Views towards Ares and the Mediterranean sea at the back
Easy walk from the Village of Ares towards the plateau above - about 25-30min. Facing the sun, I enjoyed 70min of operation including an antenna change and about 90 QSOs on cw & ssb.

26/12/2015 EA5/CS-008 Altis 1311m
Sunset  - coming back from a late lunch in Puertomingalvo - Teruel
A decent hike from Villahermosa del Maestrazgo, 6.5km and ~600m elevation climbed following a gravel road and then up the forest firebreak to the summit. Short QRP activation as we had booked a table for lunch with all the family members in the neighboring medieval village of Puertomingalvo, one of the villages included in 'The most Beautiful Vllages Association' in Spain

27/12/2015 EA5/CS-012 Castell 1123m
Views of  Culla
You can guess where we operated from on this one!... Great weather again and big pile ups and great condx on 10m with the vertical dipole from this beautiful and medieval village. 

30/12/2015 EA5/CS-009 Nevera 1286m
Nevera summit 
A good 5.5Km and 450m up accompanied by some cousins. It was great to work Jorge EA2LU and Santi EA2BSB on very difficult condx on 10m and get the points for the SOTA challenge on 10/6m. The balun connection to the dipole wires broke as I accidentally hammered it against the ground when lowering it to check it. Luckily, I had my trusted Mountain Tuner and EFHW antenna as back up.

73 de Eva EA/M0HJV/P & Angel EA/M0HDF/P  ....from EA5 land!