Wednesday, 2 December 2015

HeyWhatsThat....Terrain Elevation Mapping

I have come across this Terrain Elevation tool - HeyWhatsthat - through Mikel EA2CW and cut plots from my QTH 168m ASL + 11m above local ground - against some of the main azimuth headings for ham radio areas.

As I suspected, the terrain slopes down and favors North East, East and South East directions, but overall no obstacles in the terrain nearby once I clear the tall local houses around me.
Highest terrain @ 3Km West from here is 215m  ASL and overall 1.5deg elevation from the horizon.

Towards the South West, the Clents Hills - my local SOTA reference - can be seen.

Overall map - showing high terrain from my QTH. 
Azimuthal map from my QTH  IO92al - 52.46N, 1.95W - courtesy of NS6T

Japan - 32deg N/NE
Central Europe - 90deg E
Central Africa - 150deg SE
South America - 230deg SW
NA - East Cost - 285deg W/NW

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