Tuesday, 22 December 2015

QRP DX from EA5 - Castellon

I went to the local sierra near our holiday QTH in Castellon to operate at dusk yesterday.
I found an elevated place - 440m a.s.l. in IN90xb that overlooks the Mediterranean sea which is a 15min drive + 15min hike from home.

Operating conditions: I dialed around the 15m band to hear a few good signals from the States although there was a lot of QSB.  Ron K5KX and John AE5X in TX came back to my CQ call and had a couple of nice CW QSOs. Then I answered Dione 9H5BZ  on single side band in Gozo Island - IOTA EU-023

Equipment: FT-817ND and 15m band dipole on a 7m pole.

Views towards the Mediterranean Sea

Below it is a panorama view and elevation path towards the East from the operating position.

Heywhatsthat - elevation path towards East

I am planning to operate at dawn one of the coming days. I hope to hunt some more DX either towards the East or maybe VK / ZL over the LP.

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  1. Hello Angel, very nice pic's and QSO's. Good luck and have fun on the next trip. 73, Bert