Monday, 28 December 2015

New Zealand & Japan at dawn from EA5

I hiked early this morning back to the Raca summit near Castellon & Benicassim - IN90xb - acompanied by some family members. This place is 440m a.s.l. and has a great take off towards the East.

I set up an inv V dipole for 20m and my FT-817 + 50W Tokyo Hy-Power PA. I was QRV at 7.10.z and started calling CQ in CW. I quickly logged a few Europeans and shortly after Hide JH8JYV.

Panoramic view of Benicassim & Port of Castellon - El Grao

A bit later, I spotted Ian ZL2AIM in the cluster and turned the dial to hear him calling CQ. I called him. He was a 559 on my end with 400W and was struggling to copy me but thanks to his patience we managed to complete the QSO and exchange names and QTHs.
Around 8:00z I heard C5WP with a good signal on SSB, gave him a call a couple of times but did not manage to break the pile up.

Around 8.15z, we packed and hiked back to our QTH to have some breakfast.

73 de Angel ... EA5/M0HDF/P

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

QRP DX from EA5 - Castellon

I went to the local sierra near our holiday QTH in Castellon to operate at dusk yesterday.
I found an elevated place - 440m a.s.l. in IN90xb that overlooks the Mediterranean sea which is a 15min drive + 15min hike from home.

Operating conditions: I dialed around the 15m band to hear a few good signals from the States although there was a lot of QSB.  Ron K5KX and John AE5X in TX came back to my CQ call and had a couple of nice CW QSOs. Then I answered Dione 9H5BZ  on single side band in Gozo Island - IOTA EU-023

Equipment: FT-817ND and 15m band dipole on a 7m pole.

Views towards the Mediterranean Sea

Below it is a panorama view and elevation path towards the East from the operating position.

Heywhatsthat - elevation path towards East

I am planning to operate at dawn one of the coming days. I hope to hunt some more DX either towards the East or maybe VK / ZL over the LP.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

HeyWhatsThat....Terrain Elevation Mapping

I have come across this Terrain Elevation tool - HeyWhatsthat - through Mikel EA2CW and cut plots from my QTH 168m ASL + 11m above local ground - against some of the main azimuth headings for ham radio areas.

As I suspected, the terrain slopes down and favors North East, East and South East directions, but overall no obstacles in the terrain nearby once I clear the tall local houses around me.
Highest terrain @ 3Km West from here is 215m  ASL and overall 1.5deg elevation from the horizon.

Towards the South West, the Clents Hills - my local SOTA reference - can be seen.

Overall map - showing high terrain from my QTH. 
Azimuthal map from my QTH  IO92al - 52.46N, 1.95W - courtesy of NS6T

Japan - 32deg N/NE
Central Europe - 90deg E
Central Africa - 150deg SE
South America - 230deg SW
NA - East Cost - 285deg W/NW