Wednesday, 4 November 2015


The preliminary results on WAG are out...

I am pleased with the outcome -- limited to 4.5hours on-the-air and 40 & 20m bands... as my G7FEK antenna does not hear much on 80m here

3rd in G-land in my category

Single operator, CW, low power

CallsignQSOsQSO-PointsMultiTotal Score
M0HDF166      498              46       22 908

WAG 2015 QSO map - M0HDF


  1. Hello Angel, you did a great job, within the limited time. I very much like the map. FB, You can work all Germany. From my QTH, in the center of The Netherlands, I can work stations east of the line Kiel - Stuttgart on 20 mtr. At the moment I only have an indoor antenna for 21 MHz. I tried but. . . . I was too close to DL. I am better off in a DX contest. hi. 73, Bert

  2. Hi Bert - thanks for the note. Germany is between 600-1100 km from here. So 20,40m and below possible. I have moved back to simple dipoles & vertical for 40m. 73 Angel