Sunday, 29 November 2015

2015 CQ WW CW contest

I had a go at the CQ WW CW this year again -..One of my favorites and still going as I type .... with a few changes in the station/strategy from last year... and a lot of fun,

With a very small yard and being limited in time by family activities over the weekend, I opted for 15m monoband low power assisted category..

Rig: I used Tasa's YU1LM design & trusted G11 SDR + 50W PA (Tokyo HL-50B) recently acquired.

Other station upgrades include:
- Lenovo T430 laptop. Quad Core & 8GB RAM - powerhorse
- 24'' monitor
- Spiderbeam 12m HD fibreglass mast

GSDR & N1MM+ software

Antenna: homebrew dipole @ 11m above ground in inverted V - broadside is 340deg N/NE -160 S/SE - not ideal, but the yard here is very narrow.
I guyed the mast a 5m & 8m, but with the gusty winds and rain  this weekend it collapsed a couple of times, mainly due to the sharp angle of the guys in the narrow yard. No damage apart from some paint scratches around the guys clamp areas. So, some improvements required here for the next time.

15m band homebrew dipole. (Sotabeams Core)

Operating conditions:
I found the 15m band to be in very decent shape over the weekend. I operated on Sat afternoon for a couple of hours and Sunday from 7.30-10:00z and early afternoon.
The most enjoyable part was Sun morning, When I started at 7.30z the signals coming from the East to the end fire of the dipole were weak, so not much chance to work DX but as the Sun rotated, I started to pick up loud Japanesse stations either over the LP or distorted by the aurora.. and that was fun. It was great to see the S-meter jump from S2 [180Hz audio bandpass] to S9+40dB by the KW guns!

Top picks were ZT6, VK2, 9X0, 5H, ZD8 - normally very difficult here with my setup.
But as always, some escaped my reach,. 6V, VR2, KH0, a few Caribeams, and any thing 70deg from here far East.

I ended up with 6 Continents22 Zones & 67 Countries.

New DXCCs:
PrefixEntityMost-wanted RankFirst Worked

Stats - SH5 software

Beam Heading - SH5 software

QSO map - SH5 software


Wednesday, 4 November 2015


The preliminary results on WAG are out...

I am pleased with the outcome -- limited to 4.5hours on-the-air and 40 & 20m bands... as my G7FEK antenna does not hear much on 80m here

3rd in G-land in my category

Single operator, CW, low power

CallsignQSOsQSO-PointsMultiTotal Score
M0HDF166      498              46       22 908

WAG 2015 QSO map - M0HDF