Monday, 5 October 2015

Swapped RSGB21/28 contest for nice WX & /P VHF

Before the weekend, I had planned to spend a few hours on the RSGB 21/28 contest on Sunday.
On Saturday, I upgraded the 10m dipole to 100W with a new hombrew balun (Sotabeams cores) and was keen to give a go to the new 12m Spiderbeam HD mast I got at the hamfest ...hoping the additional height would improve my RX.

On Sunday, I switched on the rig on the G7FEK aerial at 7.30z - not a soul I could hear..
By 09:30z I had heard a couple of UK stations and a very few week Russians & worked one 4Z...

A friend called around that time and I decided  to join him at the Clent Hills for a walk & kite flying with our sons. I found today in the UK HF Contest Yahoo Group that the conditions were the worst remembered for a very long time..

When we stopped for a snack I gave 2m a quick go...
Best "DX" was with Ken G3LVP & Giles G0NXA near Cheltenham...we had a good chat. Both are also keen HF cw operators. I got very complementary reports on my VHF setup. I promised to publish some photos here.

2m vertical dipole @ 4m above ground

I was running a Kenwood TH22E [on low power setting - 500mW] & 2m full size dipole @ 4m above ground.

Kenwood TH22E

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