Sunday, 18 October 2015

Conventions.... RSGB & upcoming GQRP

Last Saturday I visited the RSGB Convention at Kent Hills - near Milton Keynes. It was the first time I attended this event and I was joined by my neighbor & DXer Chris G3SJH.

We both enjoyed the various presentations we attended. This was my pick.

Contest Strategy - Olaf  Lundberg  G0CKV / M5E
From Hartley to Hardwin - Paul Darlinton M0XPD
Is 3dB worth a divorce - Glenn Johnson, W0GJ
PJ7PK IOTA DXpedition - Dave EI9FBB
Portable operation using the sea to give you a boost Richard Bone, M0UOO
Understanding HF Propagation  Steve Nichols, G0KYA 

I got a few ideas for my modest cw contest station and my next project (playing with Arduino and DDS shields) as well as learnt about the Chilton Ionosonde life data among other things...

At lunch time, I had a few minutes of CW with the special event station MB5RC  - TS990

Special event station: Kenwood TS-990, Cushcraft A4S Yagi.

Next weekend I am off to Rinsworth for the GQRP Convention and the Buildathon.
We will be building a regen receiver - the Urmston

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