Thursday, 17 September 2015

Better conditions...

It seems that the conditions are starting to improve, after the crude and poor propagation conditions over this summer.

I worked 6 new DXCCs over the last few days. Jersey on 30 & 40m QRP, the others with 100W. I had a shot today at V26K but without success and heard HQ0T.

7Z1SJ              Saudi Arabia 15m ssb 100W
ZP2CW           Paraway        17m cw 100W
MJ/DL2JRM   Jersey            30 & 40m 5W
8P5A               Barbados       20m cw  100W
A71AE            Qatar              20m ssb 100W
HC2AO           Ecuador         17m cw 100W

Mikel, EA2CW also reported an opening today on 10m - working ZS, JW, 5R & 3B8.

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