Thursday, 9 July 2015

Night SOTA activation in EA5

With the high temperatures of the recent heat wave, I decided to go for a night activation near our holiday QTH, accompanied by some relatives.

I started on 17m with the 9m random wire antenna at 21.00z. First response was from KC3RT followed by JH1MDJ. ... can´t complain about that!
20m SSB, 30m  & 40m CW were relatively quiet...not that many chasers in EU at that time of the day. Ignacio EA2BD helped me with the spots and tipped me off to go back to 17m to work YN7SU...

As the night closed in, the temperature started to drop and found condensation water all over the gear. As I was about to pack, I saw a message from Guru EA2IF on Whatsapp who just came home from celebrating San Fermin in his home town of Pamplona. I QSYed to work him on 40m before closing down.

As we were leaving, we stopped to contemplate the great views towards the Mediterranean Sea.

View of  Benicassim from SOTA summit Penya EA5/CS-018  - 23.00z

Great fun & contacts on my first night activation... & a must repeat!

73 Angel 


  1. Hello Angel, I have been recently in Andalusie, with no radio gear. Enjoyed to swim in the sea. We took excursions to the Alhambra, Ronda and some other places.
    Wow, nice call signs you worked. I very much like the beautiful picture.
    SOTA and beach. A very fine combination, dependent on the wheater. hi. 73, Bert

    1. Hi Bert. Andalucia is very nice.
      The location proved to be very good, no man-made noise at all & good departure angles from the top. 17m was in great shape and got going quite late.
      73 Angel