Monday, 1 June 2015

CQ WPX CW Contest - more new DXCCs added to the log

I dipped into the contest as an when I had time this weekend...(12hrs) with a few minor improvements on the antennas vs. last Nov CQ WW.

G7FEK aerial @ 8m with remote LDG RT-100 tuner
Two dipoles for 15 &10m on the ceiling (indoor) of the top floor looking E-W

All time new DXCCs:
D44AC     40m    21.23z
ZF1A        15m    13.29z  (indoor dipole)
MD4K      40m     21.34z
5H3EE      20m     19.06z
5K4R        20m     21.37z

This pushes my QRP DXCC worked count to 107.

Other long haul DX:
FY5FY      20m     20.37z
JH3AIU     15m     17.17z
B7P           15m     17.30z
KP2M       20m      09.50z
UP2L        40m       20.30z
A65BP      20m       19.37z

South Korea, Thailand, KL7, KH6 & a few others escaped my grip.

Worked all continents except OC.

QSO map
Submitted log score

- 10m was pretty much dead
- 15m was variable
- 20m very very quiet during the mornings...and open almost all night
- I was surprised to work D4 on 40m, a bit unexpected. (30wpm)
- Not much hear from OC (VK, ZL,..) 
- The additional 2.5m additonal I elevated the G7FEK was well worth it, my RX seemed better.
- The optimised audio settings for the G11 (following a note from Tasa, the designer) worked pretty well.

Mikel EA2CW - SOTA colleague, also participated in the contest with 100W & a G5RV on a 6th floor of an apartment block in Bilbao. He gave me a call on Monda evening to discuss the highlights of the contest and had a good chat about antennas. He did about 1258QSOs & 1.8m points over 36hrs.
I aslo exchanged some emails with Tasa YU1LM - who achieved 858 & 818k points over 36hrs - QRP category with 84m loop antenna at 8-12m.Great effort...

I wonder how other QRPers did....?

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  1. Hello Angel, thanks for the observations. Very useful. Between 12 and 18 UTC I not make any QSO on 20 m, but on 15 m worked fine. See your Blog list
    I made 56 QRP QSO's with S&P on a indoor 15" Cylinder dipole.
    73, Bert