Sunday, 10 May 2015

CQ-M contest & new DXCC QRP.

I had some time this weekend to dip into the CQ-M contest, working CW QRP.
~ 4hrs of operation bagged 95 QSOs & 31 DXCC prefixes. Best hour was 32 qso around the grey zone on Sat evening. G11 keyer was running at 26wpm. The training I have been doing with Morserunner paid off as I was able to pick up all the calls and exchanges with ease.

The contest brought a new DXCC - NP2X on 20m on Saturday around 20 UTC.

The latest N1MM+ software worked seamlessly with the G11 GSDR software. I used allSnap to manage all windows on my laptop screen (thanks to PE4BAS).

QSO map - CQ-M Contest - CW QRP Azimuthal view

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