Sunday, 1 March 2015

Nortex accuprobe kit & SDR audio improvements

I have had this kit on the shelf for a few months.

Accuprobe kit link

Finally, I got some time to get started with it. Altoids box is on it way to complete the enclosure and leads.

Accuprobe pcb
G11 SDR Audio improvements
- Following advice from the designer I swapped today the "not so good" commercial audio leads to a short lenght of RG174 and these shielded connectors from Rapid Electronics. I will order the 6.35mm jacks in the near future too to replace the recycled ones.
- I have also ordered a USB isolator for the G11 SDR control cable.
I hope these will take care of the ground loops and some other nasty noises passing via the USB port and improve the audio. Initial testing on the audio leads last night on a cw contest seemed promising.
Today I took care of the Image Rejection & LO null calibration.

G11 SDR & EMU 0204 with new audio leads
I added 3 new DXCCs QRP - ZD8, T6, SV5 - to the log this weekend. I was pleased with that.
The ZD8D team uploaded their log to clublog last night and I saw my callsign confirmed. I hope to get the LOTW QSL later on.

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