Monday, 9 February 2015

JY9FC worked - QRP DXCC 90

I worked today JY9FC in Amman, Jordan - 17m CW.  (not so busy as during the weekend and he was a strong S9 on my end). This makes QRP DXCC 90.

G7FEK updates
I found water in the balun that fed the wires of my G7FEK

Luckily, I caught the leak in the balun at a stage that can be easily repaired and the LDG RT-100 was absolutely fine after inspection. I would say the remote tuner design for water ingression is pretty robust when installed properly.

New arrangement
1. installed a homebrew enclosure against water for the RT-100 and all wire connections.

2. removed the balun and connect the radiating element and new ground system to the tuner directly. I have Gwhip Choke balun in the coax line close to the radio to stop any RF back.

3. removed the 2 elevated radials and instead put 12 random lenght wires over the ground in the garden.
The antennas seems more effiicient and the tuner seems to handle it better. I might increase the number of radials to 16 in the near future.

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