Tuesday, 2 December 2014

CW CQ WW Contest - 2014

I took part on the CQ WW contest on the QRP category last weekend, which was great fun. Despite of the very restrictive conditions on my QTH for antennas (sorrounded by houses), I managed to bag some new DXCCs with the favourable conditions. BY, 3V, JA, PJ, P33, 9K, A45, CN, FY, TC, RK

I also enjoyed hearing DX from all over the world. Sunday morning on 15m was unbelievable.

The G11 SDR and new auto tuner worked flawlessly, but as I have observed previously, the antenna does not work so well on 20m. What it stroke me is that stations going at very high speeds would not reply when I was sending at 24wpm but  would do when I sent at 30wpm. By Sunday, I was comfortable decoding at 28wpm.

QSO map
Claimed score:  52338 points, 294 QSOs, 28 zones, 115 countries. (cumulative for the 3 bands)
54 Unique DXCCs
15 hours

Equipment used:
- G11 SDR QRP - 5W - 3 bands (40-20-15m) - 100 Hz DSP filter.
- G7FEK antenna @ 7m in the garden 
- LDG RT-100 remote tuner

We will have to wait for the official scores to see the results and accuracy.
I am already planning the upgrades for next year - G11 SDR multiband filter board and Cobwebb antenna.

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