Tuesday, 25 November 2014

SOTA EA8/TF-002 Guajara activation


QTH, Views of Teide from Guajara
We started the day before in the afternoon from La Orotava, a beautiful little town on the North of the island with lots of old Canarian architecture, after lunch at "El Cachimba", a brilliant off the beaten track place for fresh fish/seafood.

La Orotava, Casa de los balcones
 We stopped at the various viewing points and also at the visitor centre to watch a 15min video of how Teide and the volcanic islands were formed, which made the drive very enjoyable.

It is worth seeing Las Minas de San Jose, a special place with a feel as if you were in the moon.

We stopped for the night at the Parador Nacional Las Cañadas del Teide. We enjoyed the sunset at the Roques and a fabulous dinner at the Parador. Both highly recommendable.
Roques Garcia
Roques Garcia, Teide at the back
At 9.18z we set off due to the late breakfast start. The track begins with a 45min, 3.5km flat-ish section that winds around the West face of the Alto de Guajara. - marked as sendero 4.

Views of Guajara from El Parador

Good signals & maps all around
 From there there is a 30min ascent to the Collado de la Degollada via sendero 5 - 200m ascent. At the top, take sendero 15 to the right, which is about 1hr - 300m ascent to the summit.

The hike was very enjoyable, although the last 300m at 2500m with 13kg at the back were tough. Our little one slept most of the way up. Easy for him.
Once we got to the top we took some family pics and had a snack to replenish energy.

/P solar cooker (only for the braves)
 The Wx was fabulous, 22C and a slight breeze. Guajara offers the best views of Father Teide, as our local friend Damian - El Canario - calls "him".

Teide from the cairns at the summit
It was time to set up the antenna, I looked for the NE with my compass to point to EU.
The night before we had built an emergency 1/4w GP suggestion on Dom M1KTA, but decided to use my well known EFHW on a 6m travel pole I got at Decathlon and mountain tuner. With the tuner/feed point 1m off the ground and pointing NE, I sloped 6m of wire up to the top of the pole and run the 4m left vertically down the pole.

It was 12.38z by the time we started. I used the txt message service to self spot. It was challenging to get the 4 contacts for both call signs with 3 Watts due to the time of the day and terrain (rocky dessert). It did not help either that the self spot txt messages with the 2nd callsign were delivered after we had packed. It has always been very reliable in the UK. 30 and 40m were dead too.

Sea of clouds - from Guajara

The descent took us about 1h 45min, I really missed our hiking sticks as it was a little bit slippery with small loose rocks on the higher parts of the path. At 16.00z we were back the Parador.

Roques Garcia and Parador from Guajara
The National Park of Teide is magical. Highly recommended.
Many thanks to all the chasers.

73s de Eva EA8/M0HJV/P & Angel EA8/M0HDF/P

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