Sunday, 9 November 2014

7/11 - Philippines, New Caledonia & Japan from the beach - QRP DX

07/11/2014 - EA8 QRP mini-expedition last day
Location. Beach near Montana Pelada, El Medano, Tenerife - IL18rb
Sunset from Montana Roja, El Medano - the night before
I left the house at 6.30z. Within 5 minutes walk I was at the beach, It was still dark. I had to use a head lamp to set up the 20m band GP and station at the same place as the day before - a rocky land salient about 7m off the water. I attached the 6m pole I got at Decathlon to a conveniently located trig point.
Despite being very windy the pole did not bend that much.
The radials and nylon rope extenders got tangled again. Untying the knots took a good 10 minutes. I powered up the HB1B, dialled 14.039, the T1 SWR indicated 2:1 in bypass, pressed "Tune", set the PK+ at 22wpm and at 07.05z I was ready to start.

I used the pre-recorded CQ message in the PK+, and whilst I was waiting for the first callers to come back, I was able to enjoy the beautiful sunrise and take some photos.

Sunrise from op postion

First call in the log was HA7JQK - Alex. I asked him for a spot in the cluster, which he obliged. After working Bob YU1BM, I had a look at the RBN and sdr-cluster. I noticed FK8CE - Dom in New Caledonia down the band - I had to call 3 times but eventually he picked me up and gave me a 559 - promising morning again...

Went back to 14.039 ...At 7.26 Yutaka JH1GEX returned my call with a 599, we had a pleasant ragchew qso. I made contacts with another 4 EU stations before DU1KA - Al called me at 7.54z from the Philippines and gave me a 579.

At 8.00z, JA3EA - Ben returned my call with a very strong signal 5NN R & S. Shortly afterwards, JA5CJO and Chris G4BPO were in the log.

GP aerial detail
Well ventilated by the wind I took a short break for a snack, a stretch of the legs and a few more pics.

With the dial at 14.040 - IOTA freq centre, Tony - G4ZIB - familiar SOTA call got back to me at 8.12z.
Another 4 EU stations made it into the log when the family came to pick me up at 8.40z
A pretty good DX run and a fantastic QRP outing.


Day summary:   19 QSOs
Prefixes worked: HA7, YU1, FK8, JH1, HA9, F5, IK2, DF9, DU1, UR5x2, JA3, OK1, JA5, G4x2, ON5, DJ5, EI7

QSO map: Total mini-expedition EA8 - 48 QSOs, 25 DXCCs
HB1B, lithium pack 12V, 3-4 Watts
20m emergency 1/4w GP (built during the holidays)
6m Decathlon pole
Picokeyer +
Elecraft T1
iPhone headphones
Short length of RG58 C/U


72 Angel EA8/M0HDF/P


  1. Hello Angel, very nice story/photos. Well done QRP activation. Great DX, probabely the salt water near the antenna helped a lot. 73, Bas

  2. Hi Ba - Thanks for the note. It was a lot of fun. Yes, the salt water & GP worked pretty well. Time of the date / grey line - critical to get the propagation.
    73 Angel

  3. En todos los sitios hay un colgao trolero
    Felicidades por los QSOs, Angel!