Tuesday, 21 October 2014

VK5JST Aerial analyser completed

I assembled the VK5JST aerial analyser in September over a few spells of free time.
The build although not difficult requires time to figure out how to do certain jobs in the best way.

I used a drill, small metal saw and steel files to prep the box. I only had a minor issue during the calibrating phase, one of the detector diodes legs was not contacting - cold joint. Witht the help of Jim, VK5JST, the troubleshouting data and a DVM a found the issue and corrected easily. The calibration procedure is very straight forward.

I built an adapator with a BNC connector and a short lenght of RG174.

I am very pleased with the outcome. I used it to trim my new G7FEK nested Marconi antenna in the garden and check my baluns sucessfully.

I left space to extend the performance to 50MHz once I get the right choke inductor and I am also planning to fit a socket to allow to charge the batteries without openinng the box.

Here are a few pics.

Initial material invetory and cutting the box.


Open assembly.

Side view of top cover and PCB with display

A few more close shots

PCB assembled into top cover

Batteries arrangement

Finished product

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