Wednesday, 1 October 2014

UK Hamfest and more VK contacts

KWe went to the UK National Hamfest on Sat 27-Nov, where we met with our friend Mike M0MTJ.

The first stop was to meet Juergen DH5AB @ Tecadi, who clarified some of the guying line requirements to push my tecadi mast in the back garden up to 8.40m. I got from him a few stainless steel carabiners, line lockers (see photo below) and good quality PL259s.

Apart from a bunch of stuff to play with wire antennas (coax, antenna wire, connectors,..), I got a new Power Supply for my shack - I am very pleased with it. This is one of the upgrades to my G11 SDR station which will support a new Linear 50Watts PA kit coming at Christmas time.

I also ordered a Remote Tuner LDG RT-100 & RC-100 controller, for my home station - no more trips to the garden to change bands!! should be here in about 10 days.

It was also good to meet Richard G3CWI from Sotabeams , Mike 2E0YYY and Graham G3ZOD @ FISTS. We had a long chat about SOTA, the recent VK land QSOs and CW.

Arriving to the Hamfest


On Sunday, after not much sleep I went back to Walton Hill to try to work VK again.
I had a tough start, the band was absolutely dead at 6.40z , but around 07:00z the prop openned.
TU to Ron VK3AFW, Tony VK3CAT and Rhett VK3WE .
Tony was recorded whilst getting back to me by Ignacio EA2BD with his mobile phone.

 The 3x espresso in the flask kept me going ... before I left I worked Mikel EA2CW and Marcial EABDS at EA2/BI-063 S2S on 30m.

I operated with the MTR 5W and a vertical antenna:
5.65m radiator, 2x5m elevated radials on a 10m pole
4:1 balun
4m RG213 to elecraft T1

Back at home, I used the Saisie SOTA software from Alain F6ENO to log the data for the first time - which worked very well.

Operating position

Line locker


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