Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Up and Outer antenna

Having read on the following links about the Up and Outer antenna...I decided to try it last Saturday.

I simply set up my 44'' doublet with one arm vertical & one horizontal. Using a 10m pole and the horizontal leg pointing East - being supported by the pulley and rope on my bathroom window - here in my back garden.

The European HF champion contest was going on in the afternoon. There was plenty of EU stations around and was busy.  The antenna seemed to work great. It loaded on 40,30,20 & 17m with the T1 tuner with no problem. I made 25 QSO on the 20m band in no time. At one point, I started to call CQ and got a quite a few responses. (I need to practise more of this)

The 800 ohms open wire line is integral with the doublet, and was built using sotabeams spacers and their antenna wire. The ladder run down to the outside of our utility room at the back of the house to connect to a 8m of RG213 MIL spec via a 1:1 or 4:1 balun and T1 tuner.

I also tested my new LIPO battery - at 11.6V the MTR produced about 6-7Watts. I will have to twick the LPF toroids to cap it to 5W as recommended.

Station: MTR v2 & HB1B - dummy load, meter, Gwhip 1:1 current balun, new LIPO

Elecraft T1 and Betterqrp backpacker 1:1 current balun - at the entrance to the house.

Upper & Outer antenna. 10m pole, ladder line, 2 + 3 guy lines

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