Sunday, 3 August 2014

S9 Signal Generator - Breadboarded

I did not want to spend a lot on a sig generator, but needed something to cal my G11 SDR. So, I decided to breadboard the Norcal S9 sig generator as others

Breadboard S9 signal generator

I found a 14.086Mhz cristal from the spares of the my Softrock RX Lite II kit.

I used a BNC to N-type adaptor to connect the wires (w/o soldering) to the radio. I tested with my G11 SDR and seems to work as intended. I got an accuprobe kit recently, not yet assembled. It will be useful to validate the output of the generator or I might try to borrow an oscilloscope to do it.

I am planning to get a handful of resitors to implement the attenuator to S3 and S1 and a few more crystal for the preferred bands.

Special thanks to Ian - MM0GYX, who sent me the diode and transistor and provided useful direction. Here below a copy of his ugly built into an Altoids tin using qrpme squares. I might build one myself when I got a little bit of time.

MM0GYX sig gen

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