Monday, 4 August 2014

Running of the bulls activation (almost..)

07-07-2014 SOTA Great Rhos GW/MW-002
My brother who was visiting, acommpanied us to Great Rhos. We left the car by the woodcraft shop - mill, on top of the bridge. It took us about an hour to climb up to the top, the summit was difficult to spot until you are pretty much there. I followed the advice on the sota reflector to keep on walking along the path..

It started to rain as we were arriving to the top (my new backpack rain cover came handy). My brother who is an avid mountaineer suggested a number of rain solutions for the activations - tarps, etc...and reminded me that my light weight backpacking tent - without the inner body - could be a great set up for days like that. I have to weigh it, but I will suspect I will not be much more than 1 Kg. 

We used the mountain tuner and HB1B and activated on 40,30 & 20m with about 23 QSOs in the log. Two S2S with OE6WIG/P and SM0HPL/P on SM/JL-067.

trig point - Great Rhos - arriving

Following the advise from the lady at the woodcraft shop, we returned by the west of the hill. We followed what it seemed an obvious path and as we past a crest we saw a herd of bulls and cows in the distance. As we continued walking the young bulls (200-300 Kg) took an interest on us and started to slowly move towards us. I recalled making some quick mental calculations about the distance from us to the bulls and us to the nearest fence (down to our right) and the classic "run or fight" type of assessment took place.
Luckily, some shouting and waving of the walking sticks kept the animals at bay at a safe distance and we quicly descended to our right and dissapeared of their view to loose them in the distance. We joined a track and looped all the way around to go back over the bridge after descending a steep bit.

Lesson learnt: keep an eye on the animals...!!

Only in hindsight, I realised that 7th of July, it is "San Fermin", internationally aclaimed running of the bulls in Pamplona, that my friends in EA2 know by heart. Call it a coincidence...

Vy 73s

Defiant animals from a safer distance

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