Friday, 15 August 2014

Portable vertical + 9:1 unun antenna

Here is my alternative implementation of the Earchi End Fed matchbox + antenna. Earchi web.
The earchi matchbox uses a more widespread trifilar implementation for the unun. The implementation on the betterqrp backpack unun is quite different. 

Betterqrp backpacker 9:1 unun  -
30ft of wire - Sotabeams
T1 tuner - Elecraft 
EA2BCJ - RG214 MIL low loss coax

30ft lightweight antenna wire, 9:1 unun, RG214 low loss, T1 auto-tuner
I am planning to use this antenna on my next activation with the 10m pole as a vertical.  A quick test on my garden as a sloper to a 6m pole showed that it loads on 20-30-40m without a problem. During the testing I managed a QSO with RM9I - Asiatic Russia - 5000km
The spade fork connector does not fit well with the balun connector, I will change to a 4mm bannana plug later.

Here is the link to Jim's web, who uses the Earchi antenna system on many of his QRP portable outings.

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