Sunday, 10 August 2014

New Battery Charger

I had planned to go to Walton Hill for a combined SOTA activation with Mike M0MTJ today, but with the arrival of "Bertha" to the UK, we had to abort and postpone to a later day. With this nasty weather, I took the opportunity to play with my new smart charger.

I gave it a go with the Kenwood TH22E - PB34 Ni-Mh battery. It is an 8cell Ni-Mh, 9.6V, 1100mAh. Within 2 minutes of connecting the battery, the charger stopped an reported the battery full - NO WAY - at 9.6V on the battery terminals.

I changed the charge current from 0.1A to 0.5A and that made the trick. A litte bit of research on the web explained that the charger works looking at the "Peak Voltage" drop method. There are other settings that you can play with the charger too - NiMH  sensitivy and two modes
 - manual - fixed current
 - auto - current limit
which I need to further investigate.

The charger keeps count of the capacity charged, I ended up with something like 800. The PB34 once rested, it is showing 11.30V - fair enough. 

After this morning play, I am now fully familiarised with all the menus/controls of the charger and ready to try it with my new LIPO once I finish all the jumper wire adaptors. Overall, the thing seems to do what is written on the tin!

There is a ton of information about battery technologies, charging methods, .. in the R/C forums. It is been fun to read it and catch up with it...

Imax B6AC & PB34 battery

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