Friday, 29 August 2014

August Bank Holiday activations

We found a B&B in Abergavenny the evening before and made our way down to the Black Mountains in South Wales on Saturday morning. Peter G4ISJ recommended doing the "classic combo" of GW/SW - 009 Mynydd Troed & 015 Mynydd Llangorse.

We left our Land Rover in the middle of the two summits and began the ascent to GW/SW-009, it took us about 35min to go up, but it felt like a 1000-steps Mayan temple....with 13Kg at the back

Walking up to GW/SW-009 - steep bits ahead

GW/SW-009 summit
MTR v2 - 30-20-17m
LIPO zippy compact 25-35C, 1000mAh

Mini paddle
Picokeyer +
Elecraft T1
7m sota pole
Vertical - Longwire + 9:1 unun antenna

Views from the top
We set up the shack in one of the holes in the summit and put the vertical antenna up, sloping slightly towards the North West and started at 12.44z.
We worked 16 stations on 20 & 17m. [HB9, EA, OK, S52,  OE, DM, OM, DL]
30m was dead.
DX QSOs with N7UN, AD5A (17m) and N1EU (20m).
Eva worked Mike 2W0MCB in the town of Brecon with the 2m HT.

Descent and views of GW/SW-015 - Mynydd Llangorse

Being pressed for time, we went down and straight up to the second summit. We were ready to start at 14.45z, although sunny, it was fairly windy and the Goretext jacket was required. The hat kept the wind noise down.

This was a quick activation, we worked 9 stations in 20m. There was a station on with a straight key which we could not quite get ..."C6HIA"?? at 15.06z. [SRI]. The little one picked up the Baofeng HT and started to "ragchew" whislt running around... or more precisely, "babble-chew" in his own language.

Shack - 44'' doublet antenna

Shack - operating.
Sunday 24-08-2014
After a "proper" breakfast at the Hardwick Farm B&B - meat supplied by one of the Master Butchers in Wales, we made our way to activate a couple of summits in the Welsh Border near Hereford.

G/WB-013 Garway Hill
Shack at G/WB- 013
The WX was not that great on Sun, at 1050z when we started it was windy and coldish.
We made 15 QSOs on 20m & 30m. [EA2, DL, OE, DJ, OM, OK, CT, DG, HB9]. DX QSO on 20m with K3EL and S2S with HB9EWO/P - Clemens at HB/SG-024. We tried 17m but was closed.
This is a popular summit and a few of the bypassers took a curious interest on what we were up to.
We used the long wire + 9:1 unun, and the structure to support the inverted L end.
The hill offers great views over 7 counties, we shall be back on a clearer day to enjoy the views.

G/WB-024 Aconbury Hill
We made it to the top of Aconbury Hill at around 13.00z.
 We worked 17 QSO on 20 & 30m. [OK, EA2, DL, S52, OM, GM, HB9, SP, LA5]
S2S: - GM4OIG/P. @ GM/ES-074, Gerald was "just" above the noise on 30m.  - 339
           LA5XTA/P @ LA1/HM-172, Erik
Again no luck with 17m. Also by mistake I pressed something on the picokeyer + menu and generated a constant carrier with every paddle pressed, I had to reset it and reprogram the CQ call...
I am vey pleased with the new antenna, although I think is suboptimal on 30m.

Aconbury hill top -jungle

Inverted L - 30'' feet long wire antenna

Many thanks to all the Chasers.
Vy 73s

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