Saturday, 19 July 2014

QRP Saturday

 Having read in the SOTA reflector that the IARU championship contest was going on I prepared a vertical antenna with some bits I had around me to work it from the garden with great WX around.
5.5m vertical radiator and a couple of radials elevated at 4m on a 10m pole, prowhip balun, 4m of rg213 and T1 tuner.

 I set up my contest station - G11 SDR under a parasol and fired away. In a couple of hrs I managed about 50 QSOs on 15 & 20m with 5 watts output, including some DX to the States and new entities like Cyprus.

G11 Contest Station, T1 Elecraft

GSDR panadapter

Vertical antenna. 2 elevated radials, 10m pole

In the evening, I began the build of the MTR v2 and soldered the smallest ICs.

Great QRP day overall. Truly enjoyed it.

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