Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Revival of the great G59 SDR QRP kit

There has been a lot of activity recently on the Genesis radio group, one of the latest announcement is the revival of the G59 SDR QRP kit.

I have one of the G11 SDR QRP kits - 5bander, which was the latest released kit. These are great pieces of equipment and serious Contest rigs.
It was a lot of fun and I learnt a lot by building the kit and setting up all the digi modes software as well. These are HF+6m all-modes SDR 10W rigs. I worked all continents with WSPR and JT9/JT65 with 5 Watts.

Update: With the renewed interest, I have ordered the multiband board (160m to 6m + General RX) for my G11, which is still available.

G59 SDRs QRP kit
Yahoo Group

G11 SDR Board

Log map of my G11 in action with N1MM & Multipsk during CQ WW cw contest last November.
Antenna: Gwhip resonant EFHW 20m band at 5m height in the garden.
PWR = 5 Watts.

Yes, that line made it to VK land...


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  1. Hi Angel -
    love your blog - it is really nice to see ham radio operator who is excited about both building and operating radios. GL and best 73, Nick VK2DX