Wednesday, 23 April 2014

/P at Hythe beach

After passing the Channel on the Eurotunnel, always an interesting experience, we stopped at Hythe's beach around noon for a bit of a break in the 7hr drive journey and some portable.- Google map

I attached the pole to a fence of the beach parade and sat on the pebble beach with the 20m efhw wire sloping to the South. I worked EA5IGL/M, UE80G, 3Z0SJP & RK3QZ. 

Video of qso by Ramón EA5IGL/M.  2xHB1B in action. 

Although I did not have the antenna in the right direction, I was able to hear LU5OM
Being 20m from the water, I am not sure I fully benefited from the good conductivity of sea water...
Good fun anyhow...

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