Sunday, 27 April 2014

Loop antena - 2nd attempt

I experimented with a 1 wavelenght 20m loop before Easter, the loop was rectangular and set up vertical - fed from the centre bottom leg. The plane was in the East-West direction. This has been by far my more unsuccessful antenna. A note to the QRP-L list brought a number of suggestions.
- 1. An horizontal Sky loop
-2. SCV (self-contained vertical), which is a delta loop fed partways up on one of the vertical sides.

Given the wet weather this weekend, I spent some time to set up a a new loop up.
In the end I went for a delta loop, with the apex at 6m and the lower corners at 2.5m, with the plane sloping towards the East. This does not require any additional high supports.
The loop is fed at one of the corners by a ladder line I built with thin antenna wire and spacers.
The loop is quieter in RX than my EFHW, but not as good on TX. The departure angle seems a little bit higher. I got pretty good reports from central Europe, HB9 and OE.
The tuner in the MFJ 901b is in the garden. I think I might get an auto-tuner, as it is getting tiring to go the garden to change bands.

With this setup I can still get my doublet antenna up that I use for 30-40m.

The Helvetic contest was going on over the weekend, and was easy to make a a few QSOs. I also enjoyed a few QRP to QRP contacts on Sunday evening.

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