Friday, 25 April 2014

Easter activations in Belgium and The Netherlands

We drove to The Netherlands over the Easter weekend to visit some friends.
To break the journey we decided to stop by to activate Pottelberg in Belgium - ON/ON-027.
On Easter Saturday it was quiet, hardly anybody around. We set the QTH at "the goal", using the HB1B and multiband EFHW as an inverted L.
DXCCs worked on 20m: OK, SP, OM, S52, LZ, OE, EA, HA, CT, LA and on Eva's callsign on 40m: G, DJ, HB9, ON, D2

Views from the QTH

When we finished, we stopped at Radar Chalet for a Cappuccino, best one we have had in a very long time. We quite enjoyed driving on B-roads as we headed towards Gent, even a 'technical' stop to allow a bike race to pass by.

Radar Cafe Garden views

On Sunday afternoon, we went to Galgenberg (Ternet), North of Arhnem, to activate PA/PA-005. Our friends contacted Joop, the concierge at the camping, to advise him of our arrival and intent. He accompanied us to the summit and showed us the activation area around the heliport). - nice and friendly guy.

The conditions were terrible on 20m due to a solar storm, but managed to make enough contacts to activate the summit, thanks to all the chasers. I regretted not having put up the multiband EFHW to go on 30m or 40m.

When we finished, we stopped at the restaurant/bar of the aerodrome to enjoy some Dutch food (croquetten met fries), a cold beer and the afternoon sun.

Views of the aerodrome from the bar

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