Sunday, 16 March 2014

Russian DX Contest CW QRP

On Saturday we went up to the Barr Beacon to meet the guys from Central Radio Amateur Circle (CRAC) on their Plug&Play day. We arrived in the afternoon and found Martin G1TYV packing the tent. A problem with the generator meant an early finish for the club station. The weather was cloudy and windy with a few spells of sunshine.

We set up a Gwhip resonant EFHW for the 15m band on a 10m vertical pole and Carl M0SER KX3 @ 5W. The SWR seemed a little bit higher than what I remembered from last time.
The KX3 did not like my picokeyer plus that I had programmed the night before. So we had to send the callsigns and exchanges with the paddles at 22wpm.

The band was in good shape. We worked 25 stations each quickly. Best DXs about 7000 km into NA and 5000+ km into Asiatic Russia.  John-G7JMZ had a go on the straight key and worked a couple of fast sending stations (>28wpm).

It was good to meet the guys from the club again and to work plenty of DX on QRP CW.

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