Saturday, 29 March 2014

/P back at Grove Park with 4 bander linked EFHW

With the Spring weather back (17C and sunny), I went back to the local Grove park to test my new 4 bander linked EFHW and Mountain Tuner.

I found a handy fence to lift the 20m of wire as an inverted L. (6m vertical & 14 horizontal) to a nearby tree.

With all the links closed, I started on 40m at 15:00z which was very quiet. After a few sweeps of the band and a QSO with Italy, I turned the dial on the mountain tuner to 20m. The band was not that busy, but worked a few stations including special event station YU120STEPA and Andy - HB9JOE/P at SOTA summit HB/ZH-014.
Before I went home, I opened a link and moved to 30m to work SE station HF15NATO in Poland.

Log Map
Although 20m was generally quiet, the RB showed a good omni-directionality of the inverted L.

Reverse Beacon

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