Saturday, 8 March 2014

/P afternoon at the Clent Hill

We hit 13C today! Warm afternoon with some sunny spells, so we decided to go for a walk around the corner to Clent and Walton Hills.

 52°25'8.81"N,   2° 6'18.04"W, 260m ASL

We found a nice spot to operate from, looking towards the Southwest from the hills.

We chose the spot because of the cluster of tall trees to hang the antenna from. I threw the plastic bottle over a 8-9m high branch (with quite a good precision to my surprise) and lifted my 40m EFHW as an inverted V in the East-West direction.

Earlier in the week I found what was wrong with my pikokeyer plus, the stereo cable ring was open circuit. It's fixed now, back in business.

I lifted the tuner off the ground to try to reduce the losses. The jury is still out on that one, more testing needed.

The AGCW QRP contest was going on.

Call         R     S    Band
R1ALS   579 579 20m
OK1HX  599 599  20m
UA1FL   599 599 40m

It turned quite windy, so we only stayed for 35min. Besides it was nearly 5 pm and we had still an hour to walk back to the car.

To cap the afternoon off, we were spoiled with a beautiful sunset from the top of Walton Hill.

We are planning a SOTA activation for tomorrow... 

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