Saturday, 1 March 2014

CW Portable at Harborne Groove Park

The weather was kind enough this morning, so we decided to go for a walk to the local Groove Park in Birmingham with the hope to find a good spot to operate portable. I only had 30min, so the deployment needed to be quick.

The park is within 10min walk of my QTH and we had some nice spells of sunshine.

As we walked into the park, we found a table with nearby tall trees. Up it went the plastic bottle and on the second attempt I had my 20m EFHW sloping to a branch about 9m high. I adjusted my Mountain Tuner for max. noise and I was ready to go.

Not that much going on around 20m band at 11.00z this morning. 25min of operation produced 3 QSOs. With the recent solar activity, the band was up and down with some serious QSB going on.

Call           R      S
IV3OX      599  599
DJ9IE        599  599
DL6BBE   599  589   QRP

Reverse beacon

It was nice to work /p at the park.  As spring (and hopefully better WX) approaches, I think I will be operating from there a lot more.

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