Sunday, 9 February 2014

The Mountain Tuner

The Mountain Tuner from
Initial test in my back garden...

I received my new tuner earlier this week. I cut two EFHW antennas for 40 & 20m bands per the included instructions. (The tuner comes with 2x4mm plugs for the radiating element and counterpoise and 4 insulators to build your antennas, I already had the wire and wire winders and some spare plugs).

I placed the tuner and counterpoise in the ground and elevated the other wire end of the 20m band antenna up 6m to the top of my tecadi mast. I tuned the antenna by ear and checked the meter to see a very low SWR, a further small adjustment brought it to 1.0:1.  The PACC contest was going on and a sweep of the band produced plenty of good signals. I had to go at that time but so far I am impressed with this nice efhw tuner. It is nice quality, very light and water tight which make it ideal for /p. I am looking forward to my first QSO with it.

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