Sunday, 16 February 2014

SOTA Activation - G/CE-002 Walton Hill

Great day for SOTA! No wind, sunny and warm (9C), which meant a pleasant stay at the top.
30min of operation produced 17 CW QSOs on 40m & 20m band. It was nice to work "the piles" as an activator for the first time, my keyer was set at 18wpm and I didn't have much of a problem to decode callsigns. The picokeyer plus complemented my HB1B to call CQ and QRZ.

Shack - I used a waterproof tarp and blanket to sit down with the gear.
10m glass fibre pole lifted the 40m EFHW antenna, which I set as "narrow angled" inverted V.
Both my new Mountain Tuner and 40m EFHW antenna performed well. Tuned by ear, the SWR meter showed 1.0:1 on 40m straight away. - 3.5Watts output power.

I did not change the antenna and when I moved to 20m band I was not able to achieve better than 1.8:1 SWR.  (Perhaps it was the sharp V).
As I started to work 20m, the clouds and a cold wind came and the family asked to move...

A 5km walk followed around the hills. It was much warmer on the south side of the Clent Hill.

I very much enjoyed my first CW SOTA activation. I look forward to more to come...

- Antennas (2x EFHW 20, 40m) and guying kit + Velcros: 492gr
- Radio, battery, tuner, picokeyer plus, headphones & box: 1074gr
- 10m pole: 1350gr
- Notebook: 72gr

Views towards the south from the top.

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