Friday, 28 February 2014

Cold CW QRP /P afternoon

I met my friend Carl - M0SER for CW QRP /portable operation today at Burton Dassett Hills Country Park, Warwickshire.
It's been raining hard for the last 24hrs, but we got lucky and the rain stopped in the early afternoon, with temperatures of about 6C and no wind.
Op. position:  52°10'3.57"N,   1°25'24.41"W, 170m ASL

Due to the cold weather, we decided to operate from the car. We attached the 10m pole to a sign post and roll the RG213 through the car window to Carl's KX3. We started with the10m Gwhip QRP End Fed antenna. I worked  Sergey UA4PNV, but with the the band very quiet we moved to the 17m Gwhip End Fed. The matching box was sat on top of the metal sign post with the wire vertical.

I set my mini palm paddle to the KX3 using the picokeyer plus, but something was not quite right. Need to check the picokeyer as it has been playing up lately.

17m was a lot more active and we worked a few stations with good reports for the Gwhip & KX3 5Watts.

Call                 R     S
US3IK            589 599  
K9LJN            599 599  
EA8/OH2OT   599 599  
RK4YJ            599 569  
LY2PX            599  599 
EA8/DF8NY    559  599 
HA0IL             599 599

Almost got ZZ80ES in Brazil,....

Around 17.30z the band went dead and we changed to my EFHW 40m and Mountain tuner as an inverted V. Not that many takers of our CQ calls, but managed to work France and Belgium before we called off the day.
F4GFT            559  599
ON3JMD         579  599

The reverse beacon 

Great QRP CW afternoon... Looking forward to the better weather...

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