Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Portable CW - first trial

I went out last Saturday to the local Clent Hills, SouthWest of Birmingham, to test my new portable CW station. I brief walk of about 5K up to the top of the Clent Hill where I found a suitable location to test the gear.

HB1B mkII (running on Li-Ion battery pack) - 3Watts
Picokeyer plus 
Amplified speaker
Palm mini paddle
Gwhip 20m End Fed & Sotabeams antenna bag
mason line
walking stick

The antenna is the 150W version, too heavy for serious walks, but not too bad for the day.
I need to get a lighter antenna and coax (RG8mini vs. RG213).

In addition, I felt I would need a more suitable box to carry the gear and be able to quickly mount and dismount the station to maximise time on the air.

I launched the mason line with a plastic bottle over the tree from the top and lifted antenna wire up (not quite vertical though).

Only worked for a short time, but worked R22ICH in Moscow in a quick exchange - 599 TU (Special callsign for 2014 Winter Olympics) and had a nice chat with Uli, LA0CX, who gave me a 559 when responded to my CQ call.

I think I heard a VE station before I left. The reverse beacon revelled afterwards that my sigs made it to the States.

Looking forward to my next outing

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